Tranquil country living  “As close to Paradise as you’ll get on earth.”

How does all of this sound? 

  • 60 deg. F. nights and 80 deg. days -- all year round! (You want heat, drive to the beach – 1 hour) 
  • Very low violent crime rates 
  • Reliable public transportation and cheap taxis 
  • Discounts on many items for retirees mandated by law 
  • Good medical care at low prices 
  • Farm fresh vegetables within a 15 minute drive
  • Clear, clean air at 4,700 feet above sea level
  • All normal shopping necessities within 5 miles
  • Discount "box" store and department store shopping...and airport only a 1 hour drive, or 1.5 hours by bus.

This is just the start of the list of advantages for retirees (and second home owners) in the dairy and farming area of Volcan, Panama, near Costa Rica.  This is the last of the relatively unspoiled areas left.  There are no gated communities (well one, but it is difficult to reach and has no occupants).  We like our local neighbors and they like us.  The are NO “McMansions”, side-by-side-by-side in our community!

We like our laid-back, country style of living.  You can socialize with locals; Gringos from the U.S., Canada and Europe…or you can stay home and not be bothered by anyone.  But if you're here, at least come by and visit at the local Gringo breakfast on Saturday mornings!

Finding a property that suits you here that also includes a house, even one needing extensive remodeling, is everyone’s dream.  However, land is expensive and smaller parcels in the country are hard to find at any price. They almost never include a house. Of course, there are some advantages to living the city of Volcan, but many of us like the quiet countryside with views of the mountains and valleys.  Often the only good solution is to build a home that you will like, either in town or on a larger property as I have done. 

* I can help manage your building project if you buy property from me.  I can take the worry out of building if you are not here to oversee it. **Someone must oversee the contractor!  Building is much less expensive here, particularly if you will give up some of the fancy Gringo trimmings.  However, close supervision is an absolutely necessity.

I have sub-divided my property here and have two large 1.4 acre lots for sale.  They are registered (deeded) as 4 lots, so further division would be very easy.  One of the lots adjoins a neighbor, and it would be possible to combine it with his 1.6 + acres to make either a 3 acre; or even 4.5 acre property.

All of the lots front on the paved road with electricity and community water. Wireless Internet and cell phone service are readily available.  It is very important to begin with existing electricity and water here, as well as getting a clear title.  Otherwise you may be looking at years of expensive legal and/or physical work.

The views from the lots are across a deep ravine to the valley and hillsides beyond to  the west and north. You can see all the way downhill to the Pacific Ocean and Costa Rica on a clear day to  the south and southwest.  You can also see city lights from Conception to the south at night.

There is a dense row of trees separating my house from the rest of the property, so you’ll never know I’m here unless you need me, or I’m over watching your construction.

All of my lots are available now (U.S. dollars):

  • Upper 1.4 acre lot – best view  $ 133,200
  • Lower 1.4 acre lot – good view $ 107,700
  • Upper + lower lots (2.8 acres)   $ 216,800
  • Lower 1.4  + joining 1.6+ acres $ 223,300 ?? *You will need to deal with my neighbor separately.

What you need to know about buying property here:

  1. You do not have to be a resident to own property in Panama
  2. Get a good local attorney who speaks English if you don’t speak fluent Spanish
  3. Check for clear title.  Title insurance is available, but usually not necessary
  4. Banks here will not usually loan more than 40%, and for much shorter terms than in the U.S.  If you are retirement age and not known locally it is very difficult to finance property.  So, a cash deal is much easier and quicker.
  5. If you are not a natural citizen of Panama, you cannot legally (in any form) own property within 10 kilometers of the border with Costa Rica.  Watch out for this one as “cheap” land is almost always too close to the border.
  6. There is NO multiple listing service in our part of the world and real estate agents ONLY have access to their own listings.  It is common to 'stiff' or bypass the agents, so there are almost no signs up on any property for sale.

Even if you just want to come to Volcan to "kick the tires" and have a look around, I'm always happy to have coffee or a meal with you and visit a bit.  I do offer free advice (as above) but please remember that "free advice is worth what it costs".  I am not an attorney, nor a real estate agent so the property listed above belongs to me personally.  For more information please go to the Contact page on this web site.



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